Appcrates understands that even in the same industry all business ventures are different, they face diverse challenges and require custom made solutions for their unique and exclusive problems. That’s why we offer You range of business engagement modals from which you are free to Choose the one that suits you the best.

While developing business engagement modal we not only consider the nature of work required and the business problems but also assess and evaluate various factors like criteria of work, distribution of roles, resources etc to cater the most effective and efficient one.

Our Development team provides versatile test and handy solutions tailored to your needs. Be it a Web development, Web designing or an application development project- our experienced full stack Developers assist you in your search for the optimal solution as per your requirements in economic prices.


As Time and Cost being fixed and agreed upon, this model is ideal for short to medium sized projects, where estimated duration of the project is brief.  In this model specifications and scope of project are crystal clear and neatly documented.

This is certainly a low risk option but a lot of detailing will be required and a lot of emphasis will be given during the design phase. As time and budget are fixed so it has to be well planned because additional changes in features and functionalities are only possible after the execution of project not during the course of development.



This model is perfect choice when you have tedious routine jobs or detailed and unambiguous tasks that are very well defined and you are unable to allocate them to appropriate in house resource.

Well experienced, Dedicated and passionate Developers  who have already develop numerous projects and are well aware of project lifecycle and what kind of challenges will come, work on client project resulting in drastic reduction in the overall Costs due to low manpower cost. Clients can closely control the project & its resources and have the best possible technology, skilled manpower and equipment’s, depending on their budgets.




Our Time & Material model is perfect for a project where the resources and time can’t be estimated clearly at the beginning of the project and it has a constantly developing scope and constantly fluctuating requirements.

This model is agile based and suits projects where processes are repeated to make sequences, end of point of one sequence is the starting point of the next sequence. Hence, at each phase we take your concerns and insights with the understanding that you require flexibility, constant variations and improvements in the project. To avoid any complications, we charge our clients on the base of number of hours dedicated by each resource using daily/weekly reporting system.



From small businesses to market giants offshore development center model is both widespread and significant. It helps us to recognize client’s exclusive business needs and develop successful frameworks accordingly, for you to achieve the best using the latest technologies. The offshore development center model is generally more cost-effective than outsourcing a project.

A dedicated team sitting at an offshore facility, engaged for planning, detail architecture, developing, testing, and deploying software solutions and applications. The offshore development center model is appropriate with dull routine tasks or for tasks that are very well defined but you are unable to assign suitable local resource – on a budget.